€ 24,95

MINI PANTHER. For the panther print lovers! 
DELIVERY TIME: There is a big run on our facejewels in the webshop! Our team works very hard to make sure that your orders will be delivered within 2 weeks. 

Our standard size is Medium, which fits almost everyone.
We do have Small and Large as an extra size option.

Steps to measure the right size for a jewel:
- Step 1: Find a tape-measure
- Step 2: Pull the tape-measure from your nose until its 1 cm away from your ear
- Step 3: This distance in cm measures the right size for a jewel!

SMALL: 11,5 cm 
MEDIUM: 12,5 cm
LARGE: 13,5 cm 

Not sure? It's better to order a larger size. If necessary, you can tie a small knot in the cord to shorten it.